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Rock Star: Supernova Recap ~ Week 11

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It’s almost Finale time for Rock Star: Supernova, can you believe it? The night had a fun beginning. Ryan Star had been voted by the fans for an Encore of “Back of Your Car”, so there he was, doing his thing. He looks good up there, and it’s the perfect step up for his solo career. This song is already available on, and for his appearance, Ryan won his own Honda Element SUV and a chocolate phone from Verizon. Go, Ryan, Go!

Also somewhere in the audience was Paula Abdul. Yes, Paula Abdul from American Idol. Weird.


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So the final performances:

Toby – Karma Police (Radiohead cover)
Throw it Away – Toby’s original

I really liked Toby’s voice on “Karma Police”. He even brought up Magni to play guitar on “Throw it Away”, his original tune, which everyone knows by now. At one point Toby draws “EVS” on the back of Magni’s head, and a few beats later, Magni’s head is to us as he holds the guitar up for Toby to play. It was actually quite cool to know that Toby was so well-coordinated. Fans carried signs saying “The Rand Wagon”.

Dave: “Not a whole lot I can say. You know I love the original”.

Gilby: “You are so great in that range.”

Jason: “That is the most energy generated in three minutes. Did you feel it?” Of course, the crowd agreed.

Lukas Rossi – Fix You (Coldplay)

Headspin – Lukas’ original

Here’s Lukas in his finest vocals. He saved this for last because the angels were crying. Jeff Buckley, if he could hear Lukas from his grave, would be crying too. Not in anger, but just from the sheer beauty of those soaring vocals. Lukas traveled the course of his range tonight and sounded beautiful. Dave Navarro was shown holding up an open cell phone in appreciation, new school style. On the beauty tip, I really loved the whole black and silver eye shadow color scheme on Lukas. He has totally changed my mind about guys in eye shadow. But could I date a guy who wore more eye shadow than I did? Hmmm, I dunno. But Lukas could make me consider it!

Oh where was I? So for the second song of the set, Lukas does his original Headspin again. Again. Isn’t this the third time we’ve heard this song in like two weeks? But he does it acoustic, and plays solo guitar. But geez, again? But hell, we see a pretty girl in the audience singing along, so EVS!

Dave, standing up begins, “It’s great to see that when Paula Abdul wants to hear good singing, she comes to Rock Star: Supernova!”

Tommy Lee: “Cool as hell. Good boy!”

Gilby: “That was great, Man. It’s so good that you’ll try something new.” What, like Headspin three times in a row?

Dilana – Roxanne
Supersoul – Dilana’s original

I liked Dilana’s version of “Roxanne” very much. She can sing so well, and she showed off medium range tones tonight that she doesn’t use often enough. And for the “Roxanne” refrain part, Lukas, Magni, and Toby came out to sing backup harmonies. Sweet!! It was powerful, and overall, Very Nice!!!

I like how Dilana has adjusted quite quickly to her circumstances in a really good way. She had a black cane that she used to maintain her stance on stage, and instead of jumping, she seemed to turn her energy inward, giving a more solid and intense performance.

For her original song, she went through the crowd, and up to the Supernova judges box, then back through the crowd, stopped by to touch Paula Abdul, and went to the very back of the audience. Dilana basically sang the mess out of this song, and ended it on the Supernova judge box.

Dave: “You know I love you. This was 1000 times better. And it’s smart, having your competitors back you up.”Tommy: “Loved. Loved it all. We love you.”

Jason: “One thing I’d change – matching outfits for the guys, and Lukas you have to work on choreography.”

Gilby: “Can’t wait to see how it all goes down tomorrow!”

Magni – Hush
When the Time Comes – Magni’s original

Great vocals, as always. Magni played electric guitar on Deep Purple’s “Hush”, and worked the mic on his original. “Hush” had great energy, but on his original, Magni seemed like he was ready to move on to the next thing, whatever that was.

Dave: “The Deep Purple song was very exciting. Great job, Dude!”

Tommy mentioned that Lukas’, Toby’s, and Dilana’s songs were memorable, but “I don’t remember anything about that.” The audience boos, of course.

Gilby: “You sang great. You performed well.”

The Vote as of the first five minutes?

1st: Dilana
2nd: Toby
3rd: Lukas
4th: Magni

Tune in tomorrow!!!

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