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RS: S Eliminations ~ Week 10

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Ah, Wednesday night blogs are always so hard. The closer we get to Rock Star: Supernova choosing their new lead singer, the tougher the competition gets. And as we get to know more about the Rocker contestants, we feel closer to them, and were sad to see them go.

Okay, okay, *I’M* the one boo-hooing in front of the TV, stalling about blogging my commentary because I just dont have the same joy each time someone gets sent home. On one hand, this show has opened doors for the 15 rocker contestants. With the opportunity to perform each week for an international audience, wherever a Rocker lands will be that much more ahead of where they were before they joined the show. But geez, I get so attached!!!

Ill start with happier subjects: Brooke Burke, the resident Sexy Mama! When Dave congratulated her on her pregnancy, she joked, I didnt know how much longer Ill be able to hold it in! Brooke is expecting her third girl can you believe it?!

As the show begins, the Rockers are asked what it was like to perform their original songs on TV.
Lukas thought it was a nice change. He said, Im used to performing for empty ashtrays and beer cans. I love that Lukas is keeping it real here. Dave was curious about Tobys newfound stage power. I had been thinking too much, said the Aussie, Now, Im like Evs. I can believe people are clapping with me. And its great!

[Translation for those of you who missed earlier shows: Evs is Australian slang for whatever. As youll soon learn before the evening ends, that sexy Aussie may have sneakily, one-handedly, brought this phrase over to the States. Lets watch the teenage vernacular for the next few months, shall we, hmm? If evs becomes a big phrase here, then you heard it here first (well, second)!

Tonights original Supernova (the band, not my new CD) song was Its All Love with Magni. Magni played acoustic guitar at the beginning for a verse, before throwing it over to a guitar tech to continue on microphone. I liked this original song of Supernovas. Nice melody and sweet chord changes. You know, musical meat that a singer can bite her teeth into. So were talking about Magni, and hes doing his usual thing, powerful vocals, yadda, yadda, yadda. But at one point Magni was singing to Gilby on stage, and either Gilby didnt notice Magni, or Gilby was just into playing his electric guitar, and didnt acknowledge him. Dont know if anyone notices stupid little stuff like that but me, but Magni had better luck when he sang to Jason. Magni has great vocals, but I always want more energy from him.

Next we see how the Rockers arrived to tonights show: separately, in 5 Honda Element SUVs, Rock Star style. As they each got out of their SUVs, they signed autographs for fans waiting outside of the theater. It is then announced that whoever gets tonights Encore will win their own SUV. How exciting! Of course, they made the audience wait until after the break for the announcement. And of course, I wont make you wait as long (not even Anna in LA whos reading this blog to get the scoop on her friends ha, ha I think thats the funniest thing!)

Okay, it seems that I did make you wait because Im posting late tonight (its now 11:30 EST), and I happened to stop at the last sentence. I just checked out my 20 year old nephews first gig in NY tonight. Hes been hanging with me for the past couple of weeks, crashing at my pad til he gets himself settled. L did a great job tonight, playing solo guitar at Spoken Words in Brooklyn. Its been really cool to see NYC through his young and excited aspiring musician eyes. Ive been here 11 years now, and although NYC is still the most exciting place to me, theres nothing like being a newbie. And of course, as soon as his gig was over, he wanted to know who got the cut from the show tonight. Read on, and learn!

I may still catch Anna in LA before the show ends, or maybe before she goes offline! So who won the Encore AND the Honda Element SUV? Why, it was Toby! When he went onstage, he had the Australian flag in his hand, and he dedicated his performance to the recently late Croc Hunter Steve Irwin, who died this past Monday in a tragic stingray accident (Do I sound like Channel 4 News or what?). I thought that was a cool touch. Tobys vocals were even more expressive, and comfy onstage. The great thing about Encore performances is that theyre easier. Youre doing the song again because you obviously did a good job at it already. This time youre not being judged, so you can just sing your tail off. And that is what Toby did. He went to the Rocker Box, then to the Judges box, went through the crowd, and ended the song in the crowd singing with fans.

Toby really is a Man of The People, you hear me?

So next its time to finally get to the voting results. Brooke calls all five Rockers names because at some point of the voting, each of them was on the bottom, blah, blah, blah. But the actual Bottom Three?

Storm Large Wish You Were Here

She has such an awesome command of the audience. She asked them to be silent just by her hand movements, as she went into this beautiful Pink Floyd classic. I admit, though, that I was a bit confused that she chose to go vulnerable. I had been expecting her to go balls out, but instead she went inward, singing this gorgeous song while a lone tear slid down her face. A camera then showed Jason Newsted Supernova wiping a big fat juicy tear from his face. And then I knew

Storm ended the song, and then said, This is for you, Mom! Jason, looking visibly upset, had his head between his knees, although Gilby seemed a bit unmoved. Aside from that, I wondered about all the mama drama going on with the Rockers. But mostly, I knew

Dilana I Want You to Want Me

Dilana was cute tonight. And by the way, who had the job of pimping out Dilanas crutches?
She did Cheap Tricks I Want You to Want Me, punk style, and dedicated it to the fans. She rearranged it, so she got to show off a playful side. Its like shes accepted the fact that she needs to clean it up with the fans, and shes going to do whatever it takes. This is what I mean about a little Bottom Three desperation being good for you. It makes you bring your A game to the table.

My only cringe was that because of her torn leg muscle, Dilana only had use of one leg, that could only hop at one speed. The tempo of the song was at a different speed, and her timing was off at points of the beginning/middle of the song. To be fair, if she had the use of both legs, this would not have been a problem, and she would have totally crushed it. And an interesting observation was that she really depended on the House Band to come in at the right time. When the song went into punk mode, she had to meet their eyes so she could stay on time, which seemed to get more difficult.

BUT, Dilana borrowed one of her old tactics, smart gal that she is. She got on another guys shoulders and sang while he walked her through the audience to a mini stage platform. She sang and sang, surrounded by frenzied fans, and the old Dilana was back. This performance felt so much better than last night, and I think Dilana got her groove back. Shoot, if Dilana can rock that hard on one leg, then what does that mean for the rest of us?

Lukas Head Spin

Jason says, Are you surprised? I am!

When Jason asked Lukas which song hes doing, Lukas wanted to do Head Spin from last night again. For his mom, again. More mama drama? All interesting stuff, Folks!

What can I say about Lukas, really? Hes passionate and intense just all round powerful vocals Yeah! There was even a sign being held by fans saying Rossi Possi How cute is that???

But the Moment of Truth always comes eventually, eh? Lukas is sent back to the Rocker Box, and its down to Dilana and Stormy. Would this day ever come? Say it isnt so! Tommy starts by saying, You know I love both of you, and then he proceeds to hand over his Tommy-hawk responsibility necklace to Jason. By the way, does anyone remember seeing this Tommyhawk necklace thing before? I dont ever remember seeing this thing before, but Tommys solemn passing it to Jason seemed very touching and symbolic. Jason says something about We respect you both as comrades, and you know that someone has to go tonight, blardy blar, and then he ends with Storm, I love you but tonight youre sleeping in your own bed. Youre going home.


Not Stormy! (Insert deep and heavy sigh here) But yes, Stormy, Storm Large, one of the well-adjusted Rockers is going home, and Im very sad. Again.

Dave reminds Storm that he could have played with anyone, but he chose to play with her. He wasnt lying when he said that he loved her original song. The sassy Storm Large told Dave that he could play guitar on her song, and before he could finish agreeing, the rest of Supernova was volunteering to be her backing band for her original song. It was a bittersweet moment, I have to say.

Storms final words? I have to thank all of you up there, and out there, the fans. Pointing to the Rocker Box, she added, These freaks are my family, and you will see me again!

Dave gave another We love you, and of course, Supernova gave her a standing ovation. Ironically, I didnt cry for Storm like I did for Zayra. I just have one of those peaceful easy feelings that Homegirl is going to be just fine, thankyouverymuch, and Rock Star: Supernova will be an incredible stepping stone to new musical heights for her.

Storm Large, Youre a Fierce Warrior Goddess Princess, and youre a Bad Mamma Jamma!

See you at the top!

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