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Week 9 RS:S Elimination

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Week 9 of Rock Star: Supernova, and everyone wants to know who’s still standing (especially certain friends on the left coast). Well, look no further! But before I get to the juicier bits, I’ll start by saying that tonight Brooke Burke was absolutely glowing. It is often said that expectant mothers have an inner radiance about them. Well, Brooke was rocking one of those “baby glows” tonight. I couldn’t tell you what was wearing, but she looked amazing!

In the behind-the-scenes video, The Final 6 Rockers speculated about who would end up in tonight’s Bottom Three. As the pressure mounts for the Rockers, I was happy to see their friendly camaraderie. Only three weeks left!

At tonight’s show, Dave told the Final 6, “Half of you will be singing for your lives tonight. You are all friends now. Clearly it will be hard to say goodbye.” Yeah, it will be hard for all of us tuning in, you know? But it’s been a great ride.

Dave asked Magni about this week’s photo shoot with In Touch magazine. Magni didn’t seem too thrilled about the process, and attempted a snappy comeback. As always, Dave gets the last word. “This is my show, suck up!” And we all laugh, as Dave continues, “You know what I said about not having anything to do with the voting? I lied, Son of a Bitch!”

[Folks, you can’t say I didn’t tell you so!]

For this week’s original Supernova song, Lukas performed with Tommy, Gilby, and Jason on “It’s On”. Lukas’ vocals were wide open, and he had great energy. It’s hard to judge an unfamiliar song, but it was solid, although not quite memorable. That could be due to the song, or the singer, or bits of both, so I’ll leave that alone.

The winner of the MSN Live Spaces award was announced: Rob Carlos, also known as Colorsmith. Check out his winning MSN Live Space at

You can also check out my MSN Live Space at


For the Encore, Toby did Rebel Yell, and he whipped the audience into a frenzy. He dressed very GQ tonight: black with a white tie peeking out of a jet black buttoned-down shirt. Very nice outfit, not overbearing at all. Just sexy like Toby. He went through the crowd, singing in all the corners, physically reaching the audience members in the back. And I mean waaaay back. Those fans appreciated that a lot. Shoot, I did too. What is it about Toby that the ladies love? Does it matter why? Oh yeah, he’s HAWT!

When it was time for Brooke to mention who was in tonight’s Bottom Three, it ended up being everyone BUT Magni. It was quite funny actually. His campaign for American fans apparently worked very well.

And the actual Bottom Three?

Ryan – Baba O’Riley

One of the things I love about Ryan Star is that he’s not afraid to stretch himself. Whatever his actual comfort zone is, I know he’s working outside of it. In addition to singing the song, he shook up, and exploded a bottle of champagne onto the fans in the audience, as well as Toby who was standing nearby to grab the bottle when Ryan was done. Of course, Ryan was also able to get some playful revenge for all the past pies in the face from Toby. Ryan made sure that Toby got a nice dousing of bubbly all over him. Toby took the bottle back to the Rocker Box, and drank from the bottle.

Ryan’s performance reminded me of past times when he did whatever he could think of to increase the energy onstage. Tonight he was swinging the mic, running around, and even got way on top of the stacked guitar amplifiers. It was a little too erratic for me, but he kept my attention. I don’t remember much about his singing tonight, but that probably wasn’t the point.

Storm – Helter Skelter

When Storm seemed excited about getting picked to be in the Bottom Three, Gilby asked her why. “Because I get to rock!” was her response. And rock she did. She rocked this Beatles classic hard, and made her way through the crowd like a Pied Piper, attempting to create a mosh pit out of the audience. She then went to Supernova’s Box, snag to them, and sat on Tommy Lee’s lap before continuing on. At the end of the song, the fearless Storm Large turned her back to the audience, and just leaned backward into the waiting arms of the audience who brought her back to the stage.

I love Storm because she’s fierce. She’s fierce, wise, sweet, and funny too. But aside from all that, she can ROCK. Go head on, Mama!

Dilana – Psycho Killer

On one hand, I don’t think she should have been in the Bottom Three, but after the last two weeks, I’m not surprised if the fans decided to spank her a little bit. Still, I’m philosophical about the whole thing. In my opinion, Dilana has been on top since the very beginning, and the producers might decide that it’s boring for her to have an easy time of it every week. Dilana finally gets her turn in the Bottom Three, and the show gets even more interesting.

But I can’t help but feel that Dilana is still feeling the sting from last week. When her name was called, I realized how tiny she is. She just looked vulnerable, like a little girl, with her face an open book. I think Dilana was telling the truth when she said that she didn’t know how to lie. She’s not good at hiding her feelings, even when it’s a good idea to do so. Her eyes tell you everything, if you only look. She was scared and unsure, and we haven’t seen that before. I just wanted to give her a big hug, and say, “You’ve killed it before. You’ll do it again. Buck up!”

So when Tommy asks what song she’ll be doing tonight, she announces a last minute decision, Talking Heads’ “Psycho Killer”, “This is how life goes, and this is my redemption. I’m gonna dedicate it to myself.” 

She starts the song a capella, and of course she sounds great, and then she rocked it out, but she was a bit subdued. She usually gives a memorable performance, but tonight we missed her usual vitality. She jumped around a lot, and didn’t take me over the edge, as she usually does. I’d say that tonight was my least favorite performance of hers, but I know damn well that Girlfriend ain’t goin’ home tonight. Supernova is gonna chalk it up to a bad patch for Dilana, let her have this week to bounce back, and expect her to CRUSH us next week. And she will. I cannot wait.

And who went home? Ryan Star

Dave: “I’ve become a fan, and I’m sorry to see you go. You are the most evolved of everyone here. I know you’ll do well.”

Ryan, being Ryan, had his last word. To Supernova, he said (respectfully, I might add), “With me you could have had 20 more years on the charts, so I’m sorry about that. I respect your decision. I’m going back to being a solo artist. See you on the charts because that’s where I’ll be hanging out.”

Tommy Lee looked genuinely sad. He knows that more goodbyes are coming, and I get the feeling that being the “Hatchet Man” is not a lot of fun these days. But I agree that Ryan Star has stretched himself in all kinds of directions for the better, and this experience will give him the recognition (and fortitude) he needs to get that deal that could take him to the top of the charts.

I ain’t mad at ya, Ryan Star. You did great, and I’ll be looking for you back in NYC. See you at the top!

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