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Week 9 RS:S Performances

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As if we didn’t have enough drama last week, there was still a bit more to be enjoyed on Rock Star: Supernova!


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The lovely Brooke Burke took us to the videotape, which showed an emotional Dilana after last week’s spanking. After realizing how much damage her comments to the media caused, she spent much of the week feeling “week and vulnerable”. We see Dilana crying a lot with the other Rockers, while expressing her feelings. At one point, we see her sitting with Lukas near the pool, crying and talking. At one point, as Magni is coming over to chat, she loses her composure, stands up, and gives the ever-watchful camera two middle fingers. She walks off, but not before throwing her glass to the ground, which sent a shard of glass flying straight into Magni’s head. As she stormed off, she hadn’t even realized what had happened.

Later Dilana was seen sobbing, big soul-wracking sobs with Storm. Hearing her gut-wrenching sobs, I couldn’t help but feel all the crap that she’s been through before she got here. Later we hear her crying to Magni, apologizing for what happened. It’s obvious that Dilana is having a bad week, and her pain stings like a mofo.

By the way, Ryan seemed to be back at his old tricks. First he’s shown saying, “It’s like she’s self-destructing” to Lukas about Dilana, and after the Magni incident, we see Ryan at Magni’s door practically begging to see the wound, and help clean it off. Magni refused the help, and couldn’t seem to close his door soon enough, perhaps because cameras were right over Ryan’s shoulder perhaps? If only to be a fly on the other side of the wall when Magni closed the door!! I’ve made peace with Ryan’s antics, but in that scene Ryan seemed a tad too opportunistic about the situation. But hey, that’s me.

At the show, Dave admitted that it was a hard week: “Nobody’s perfect” and offered that things would be better this week. As for the cut, Magni only said, “It’s a surface wound. I’ve cut myself worse shaving.” I don’t know if the makeup artist uses makeup on Magni’s bald head, but there wasn’t even a scratch to be seen. Magni seemed cool, and didn’t want to make a big thing out of it. Dilana also seemed hopeful: “I love my friends, and I’ll never, ever do anything to hurt them.” And things seemed okay for now.

This week was Fan Selection week, so each Rocker did songs that were chosen for them by the fans. After last week’s show, I felt that the Rockers were starting to understand where fans come into the picture. Dilana was especially sensitive: “I cannot let the fans down.” Everyone seemed aware of the importance and influence of fans, especially when it comes to the voting 😉

Lukas – Lithium

This week, we also got to see more of a personal side of the Rockers before their performances. When Lukas’ video is shown, he wants to show that he’s just a regular guy who likes to play pool and basketball. “I’m everybody else. I just wear more makeup than everbody else.”

But when we saw him onstage, I beg to differ. His vocals were awesome!! He arranged the song to focus on his vocals for the start of the song, which was a nice touch. He sounded clear as a bell, and he communicated well with the fans. He did his dance, was full of energy. Yeah, he killed it.

Dave: “You took a classic song, and rearranged it. It was awesome, Dude!”

Tommy: “That song was talkin’! That was real cool. Well done!”

Gilby: “That was your best performance yet!” 

And Jason was the most excited: “You opened up. That was freaking dynamite. A great way to start the show!”

I agree!

Magni – I Alone

For Magni’s pre-show video, he was campaigning for fan votes hoping to persuade the Australians that he’s better looking than Toby, and added that although Ryan is American, Americans can still vote for him instead. It was a cute bit.

Magni wore eyeliner tonight, which was a nice touch, although he kept his clothing simple. His vocals were great, as always, but I’m always looking for more energy from him. He makes his way around the stage, but a bit leisurely for my taste. He did go to the Supernova judge box, and sing to them, and Supernova seemed to like that.

Dave: “That was killer, Dude! There’s nothing I can say now. It’s all up to the luck of the draw now. It was awesome!”

Gilby: “Tonight you gave us that extra something. We know you want it. Great job!”

Ryan – Clocks

Ryan, at the grand piano, says “This is for the fans”, and begins the intro.  Before the verse starts, Ryan jumps over the piano to continue the song on the microphone – good move. We weren’t expecting it, and he’s able to work the crowd. In the middle of the song, he slid back over the piano to tickle the ivories for a little piano solo. Then he returned to stand on top of the piano to bring more drama and theater to the show. This might have been my favorite Ryan performance so far. Well done!

Dave: “This is going to be a tough night [for judging]. It’s great to see you willing to go there.”

Jason thought Ryan sounded good, but “when you go behind the piano, we lose the story a little bit.”

Gilby: “Nothing like watching an inspired performer. I thought you did great!”

Storm – Bring Me Back to Life

Before the her performance, Storm is seen bellyaching about the difficulty of this Evanescence song. Both Jill and Zayra did this song already, but so what? In my opinion, Storm has the best overall vocal chops in the house, so I don’t know what she’s worried about. The range of the song is different from some of her other songs, and she wasn’t totally familiar with the song, but Storm is a warrior, which is why I love her too. I know she’d sing the mess out of it.

And in a sexy red dress, she did just that. Toby sang the guy part while Storm rocked the house in the front, but yeah, something was missing for me tonight.

Dave liked her but thought that Toby singing backup might have stolen some of her thunder via his success with the ladies in the crowd.

Gilby: “I still remember Jill doing this song. I don’t think I’m going to remember this performance.” Ouch.

Jason was a lot more optimistic: “In my book, effort counts for a lot,” and he gave her lots of credit for that. But goodness, if I got that comment, I wouldn’t be too happy. Storm, as God as my witness, you better bring it tomorrow night!!!

Toby – Rebel Yell

Toby was shown as the prankster of the house in his video, often smooshing cake in Ryan’s face and running off. He said that he wants to work hard, but he also wants to be seen as someone who can have fun and laugh at life. That attitude will take him far.

For tonight’s “Rebel Yell”, he CRUSHED it. He wore eyeliner too tonight, by the way. This song was perfect for him. Great vocals, and his energy was dead on. He pulled up a couple of girls onstage, and a few more girls joined them, because they could, and Toby looked like the ultimate rock god with groupies ready to go. This performance was the BEST I’ve ever seen of him. Surrounded by his harem, Toby had Tommy Lee giving a standing ovation from the judge box. It was great!

Dave: “Wow, Dude! I believed you. The crowd interaction was real strong.”

Gilby: “You took this performance to another level.” 

Tommy: “You got other people running around naked. You got girls coming up on stage. God bless you!”

Dilana – Mother Mother

Of course, fans choosing “Mother Mother” for Dilana was interesting. No one mentioned the connection between the song, and Dilana’s estrangement from her own mother, but I think it was an influence. But no matter, Dilana was ready. With last week on her mind, Dilana was ready to regroup: “It’s okay to mess up. It’s how you handle it.”

For Mother Mother, Dilana played electric guitar at the beginning, slung low, like the Rocker she is. There she goes, playing her guitar, and flipping her hair everywhere. Full of energy, she works the stage. At one point she stands on the drum riser, and slings a leg across the shoulder of one of the guitarists in the House Band. In my opinion, she seemed a little subdued after last week’s emotional punch to the gut, but she’s still the frontrunner in many people’s eyes. Good for her! 

Dave: “It’s been two seasons of Rock Star, and this might be my favorite performance of all two years! And I can’t think of anyone who hasn’t said anything in the press.”

Tommy: “Say hello to the ‘King of Mistakes’! We make them. We learn from them. We don’t make the same ones, and we move on.” 

Gilby: “That was an emotional song. There wasn’t a bad part of it. Good job!”

Jason: “That was really good. Thank you!” 

So Dilana is back in good graces, I imagine 😉

And if you’re interested in the Bottom 3 as of the first five minutes:

If you remember, there are only three weeks left. I predict that more than one person will go home tomorrow. If not tomorrow, it will happen net week. Time is running out. Tune in tomorrow!

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