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Week 8 RS:S Performances

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Can you believe that there are 3 weeks left to this competition? Things are getting tight…

At the top of the show, after Brooke Burke draws us in with her lovleliness, we see a recap of last week’s performance of Supernova with Dilana, who can taste the gig. She was the first one to play with Supernova on an original tune, and “now I can’t imagine anyone else” fronting the band.

Then we see Song Selection, which featured TWO original songs for the Rockers. Storm and Ryan went to bat for the first one, and Storm offered to put on gloves and box Ryan for it. Ryan didn’t want to fight her, but if you ask me, I think Ryan knew that he’d be in for a hurting if he accepted. In the end, Ryan got the original, and Storm told him, “You better kill it.”

For the other original,  Patrice was fighting for that: “I will stand up for two days, and not eat or sleep.” Magni felt that Patrice should have it because she’s been in the Bottom Three the longest. Storm didn’t push, so Patrice got it. Storm ended up picking “Cryin'” by Aerosmith, which was a song everyone else was avoiding due to its difficulty. She agreed on Cryin because it was the song that “everyone else is afraid of”.

Next was “Every Breath You Take” that Toby and Dilana both wanted very badly. This time, Toby told Dilana that she would have to run around the pool naked for the song. And she did! For a moment, can I say how much fun these Song Selection challenges are becoming? Between Toby and Dilana running around naked, I’m having a great time howling at my TV. My neighbors must think I’ve lost my mind!

When we get back to the studio, Dave asks Storm about giving up on the songs again. She said that she loved the Rockers, and wanted to see them rock out too. Being a nice person was good, “but in a competition, it’s not so good.” But Storm is a sweetheart, and she’s talented. She’ll be okay.

Gilby also brought his dog, Chopper, to the Supernova judges box, where he stayed for the whole show. Did anyone see Tommy Lee licking tongues with Chopper at the end of the show? Chopper was cute and well-behaved, I’ll give you that, but I’m not sure that I’d be french kissing Gilby’s song unless I was trying to do an original tune for Song Selection 😉

Patrice – Beautiful Thing

Patrice’s original song was a rocking song, but it didn’t grab me. Choosing an original song is a risk, but I wasn’t sure if I could see Supernova doing it. Regardless, performing an original tune on international TV is an awesome opportunity.

Dave: “Congratulations for kicking off the show with an original tune. Great song, but I’ll say what I said to Zayra. If that’s the kind of music you want to do, you should try for a solo career.”

Tommy: “It was slightly happy for us, but we have the technology. We could work with that.

Jason: “How was it to showcase your original song for the largest audience ever?”

Patrice: “Amazing…Thank you!”

Magni – Smells Like Teen Spirit

Power. Power. Power. Voice! Well done, Magni!

Dave: “Awesome Job. Vocally it was great. What I love about you is that you know how to show angst when a song calls for angst.”

Jason: “How did it feel? The energy coming from the stage was great!”

Tommy: “Why didn’t you play guitar?” Magni’s response was that he wanted to move around on stage more, and Tommy replied, “You can play it, smash it, get rid of it, and move on.”

Dave liked that idea: “Before the season is over, I want to see something broken!”

Ryan Star – Back of Your Car

Okay, I knew Ryan would throw his guitar. And then he whipped the crowd into a frenzy. Ryan learns fast, and that’s why we love him. Ryan is always calculating, always adjusting. He’s just really smart at playing this game.

Dave: “Dude, where the hell did THIS guy come from? You ditched the guitar. What happened? 

Ryan: “I got laid” [Tommy Lee gave him a standing ovation for that, of course]

Ryan also explained that his song was about the end of the world.: “Some people are in church. Others are screwin'” Can’t really disagree, so I’ll move on…

Storm – Crying

Storm killed the vocals, but something was missing from her usual awesome performance. Perhaps there was so much emphasis on the difficult range of this song that there wasn’t much left for the performance? No matter. I doubt she’s going anywhere this week.

Dave: “That is a difficult song. You did awesome. This was 1000 times better than last week.”

Storm: “And even while wearing your corset!”

 Dave: “Yeah, I’ll have to get that back from you.”

 Tommy: “It was great. I want to see less of you.”

Dave: “I’ll make that easy for you. Storm, I’ll take that corset now, Honey.”

Storm: “Honey? Come up here and take it, Bitch.” Yeah!!

I LOVE Storm Large, can I tell you? She’s quick-witted, and gets away with all kinds of snappy comments. And I’d like to make a quick shout out for Storm’s fans in Portland, OR. Her hometown paper reports a “Storm Watch” to track her weekly progress in Rock Star: Supernova, and it’s easy to see why they love her too. And after Dave called last week’s blonde violinist “Honey”, I love that Storm is keeping it real for the women. Spank ’em, Storm!!!

Gilby: “You handle challenges well. You’re a strong singer, a strong performer. Now I’m looking for memorable performances.

Jason: “Glad you made this song into your own.”

Dilana – Every Breath You Take

Dilana sounded great, but this wasn’t my favorite performance by her. She wore these hot pink extra long fake eyelashes, and I was a bit distracted. Her vocals in the verse weren’t as strong as the chorus and climax, when she could belt the notes, but probably not worth nitpicking on. During the refrain, she led the crowd in singing “Dilana”, so she had them exactly where she wanted them.

Gilby: “Your instincts are so good. Whether it’s a fast song or a slow one.”

Jason: “Why would you run around nekkid for this song?”

Dilana: “I haven’t spoken to my mum in years, and this is her favorite song. I have a lot of bittersweet memories of this song. I hope that she learns that I did it.”

Wow. Of course, that changes everything. Or perhaps I should say that that explains everything. Or at least a great deal. What did I tell you about the Bottom Three of life? No fairy tales around here…

Toby – Layla

Toby starts the song wearing a hoodie. The first verse was just confusing to me, and I forgot what song it was supposed to be until the chorus kicked in. Later he pulled off his hoodie, showing the letters “EVS” scrawled on his bare chest, and ran to the Rocker Box to sing from there. Vocally he sounded great from the mid-point on, but I was just confused overall.

Dave: “That was entertaining, and I really thought you brought it.”

Tommy: “I’m sure the ladies loved the performance. Well done, Mate!”

Gilby: “I don’t really care for the arrangement, but you made up for it in the performance. Your performance was amazing.”

Lukas – All These Things That I’ve Done

Lukas looks and performs great. He did a couple of little things that I thought was cool, like starting the song with sunglasses, then shaking them off via passionate singing. And later he pretended to check his hair in the reflection of the guitarist’s shiny guitar while doing his thing on stage, but I couldn’t understand him clearly. But hey, he’s still sexy.

Dave: “Unbelievable. Great job!”

Tommy: “Two words. Check. Please.” and throws down his mic.

Gilby asked why Lukas turned away from the audience. Lukas explained that he was interacting with the band. “For two and a half minutes, they’re my band, you know?,” Lukas responded.

Gilby: “We want to see you. From now on, we have your back. Don’t worry.”

Jason: “Great energy overall. Killer!”

And the Bottom Three after five minutes:


 Fooled you! Zayra wasn’t really in tonight’s Bottom Three, but I’m so used to seeing her name there that I can’t remember who was really in that spot at the end of the show. It’s only the first five minutes of voting anyway, and I don’t take it seriously, so Zayra will have to do. See you tomorrow night for elimination!

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