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Week 7 RS:S Elimination

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Zayra Alvarez Goes Home from Rock Star: Supernova

Tonight was Zayra’s night to go, and I’m very sad.

But first, I gotta tell you about Brooke Burke in her Biker Babe wear. She can wear anything, and make it look good. You know what? I have the post Rock Star: Supernova Elimination Night Blues and I don’t care who knows. I knew that this night was going to come, but that doesn’t make the “tommy-hawk” chop hurt any less.

The behind the scenes video showed Storm and the Rockers stressing out post-performance. Everyone had something to say about Storm, and speculation was being made if she’d be in the Bottom Three, and if she’d be able to get out of it. I don’t know why they worried. Storm has given consistently great performances week after week, including last night. From the blogs and other media I’ve been reading, Storm has won a lot of hearts all over the world. In Portland, where she calls home, people call Rock Star: Supernova “Storm Watch”. Isn’t that cool? I just didn’t think Girlfriend was going anywhere this week, you know?

Anyway, when we go back to tonight’s show, Storm stood her ground, “I did the best that I could with the time that I had, and I stand by that.” That’s good, because there’s nothing worse than a wishy-washy Rocker.

Dave reminds Storm of the band Cake’s version of “I Will Survive”, and added that her version was “missing a sense of irony. I’m telling you this because of all the Rockers here, you’re stong enough to take the criticism.” You could tell that Storm appreciated that.

Dave also commented to Toby that people seemed to like seeing him naked. Toby’s response? ” I’m prepared to run naked down Melrose Place to the get the song!” From the sound of the audience, a few ladies would like to see that too

Then it’s announced that a Rocker will be singing an original Supernova song with Tommy, Gilby, and Jason. The crowd is asked to guess who will sing, and you hear a lot of “Dilana”! Next Gilby tells us that each week a different Rocker will sing with Supernova. It’s mentioned at least twice that the show is not over, and nothing has been decided. They want to try everyone out to see who’s the best choice for particular songs.

So the Rockers had the assignment of learning a Supernova track (from the band, not my CD), and everyone sang with the band, to see what each Rocker brought to the song. And based on the “little something extra” that was added to the song, the band chose Dilana to sing the first Supernova original.

Dilana – Leave the Lights On

Dilana looked great in black lace-up corset top and jeans. I even noticed that she wore heels again. But heels never stop this one from rocking her ass off. Her voice is the right mix of gravel and screech to have the perfect vocal tone for this song.

Oh, and I hadn’t mentioned the dancers. Yes, four girls came up on stage, dancing away, and at one point, all four of them were on the floor of the stage, dancing around Dilana. I thought that was hot.

No, not because it was five sexy girls. It was hot because the four girls were bowing to the WOMAN onstage. C’mon now. It’s always girls dancing at the feet of guys. It’s about time that a woman is the one in the middle!

And the chorus was catchy – you know you remember it:

“C’mon leave the lights on, if that’s your thing.
Better for the cameras if you know what I mean.”

Tommy Lee, Honey, did you write this? I bet he had some input. Dilana sounded amazing, and for the most part, perhaps we can all just go home now, but what would we do about the withdrawal symptoms? I will say that Dilana did one of those Michael Jackson kicks, which had me a bit worried, but I don’t know if anyone else caught it. If you did, let me know that I didn’t make that up. But Dilana is still golden.

Encore song was Ryan Star with “In the Air Tonight”

Ryan sounded even better than he did last night, but the only thing I can think of right now is What happened to the blond violinist from last night? Instead of the platinum blond “Honey” that was “doin’ a great job, there was a more mature woman instead in the string section. Hmm…Do you mean to tell me that “Honey” had a better than Rock Star: Supernova gig to play tonight? Somebody didn’t like the blond violinist drawing attention. Why this is such a mystery for me, I don’t know, but I’d love to hear from my loyal spies in LA!

Hey, it’s an encore performance. Ryan is intense as always, but the dramam for me was the missing blond violinist.

Then the Bottom Three Finalists were named:

One reason that I love Storm is that she’s emotional and dramatic. When the first names were called, she seemed lost, like she just couldn’t believe that her friends could leave. And then when her name is called, she’s rough and ready again, giving a high five to Magni. Brooke asked Dave if he was surprised.

Dave: “I’m surprised by a couple of these choices. Magni, you looked good. You sounded good. There must be some kind of mistake. Storm, I didn’t like the song, but you sang great. You shouldn’t be here either.”

And the final Bottom Three was:

Zayra – Razor Blade
Zayra is hot and fierce, and you can’t take your eyes off of her. She sings like she’s on fire. She rocked like the world was coming to an end, but I’ll be damned if I could understand one word. But she’s so good!!!

Patrice – Celebrity Skin
I wanted Patrice to bring it tonight. Bring. It. She chose a song that was risky, but was fun for her to rock out. At first, I was afraid that she was going to stay rooted to the stage again, but then, Aha! Patrice left the stage to take a quick run through the Rocker Box with her friends, and then she went right to the Supernova Box, and just sang for a minute, in their faces even. And even ended the song with her own little herky jerk dance. THIS is what I’m talking about.

Go, Patrice, Go!

I’m telling you, Folks. The Bottom Three is where you’ll find the best performances.

Magni – Creep

As Magni is called, Storm just looks confused int he Rocker Box, like someone had kidnapped her puppy. Whatever Girlfriend does after this show is over, please get this girl a part in a movie or something. I swear, I’m serious!

At first, I was concerned because Lukas just killed this song recently, but Magni really wanted to do this song because “it’s the anthem of my generation. Hopefully, I’ll do it justice.” Humility in Magni is always a good thing, but that’s me.

For most of the song, he did not crush this song vocally. The first part of this song is totally focused on the tone of the voice, and Magni didn’t support his voice with his breath, as he usually does very well. I started to see moments of brilliance, and when the buildup to the song’s climax came, it was obvious that he was holding back. He gave his everything onstage, and then pseudo-collapsed tot he floor, where he continued singing. The he sat up, and sang cross-legged, Toby-style. By simply sitting down, and just singing these lyrics, Magni once again stripped himself from the I’m-so-cool-look-at-me-I’m-a-rock-star-from-Iceland bit, and I loved his performance. Magni does vulnerable really well.

After that, Gilby tells Magni, “We liked you last night, and we liked you tonight, so you can sit your ass down!

Gilby tells Zayra that one of thier favorite four letter words is risk, and while she took doing an original song the other night, she took another risk by singing a song for the Bottom Three competition that they had never heard of [For the record, Gilby, Zayra did sing a rock song tonight. You never said that you had to know it.]

Gilby also tells Patrice that they like her performances, but she keeps ending in the Bottom Three. As he usually does, he tells her to pay attention to that fact. My translation: Patrice, you saved your skin this time, but you won’t always be this lucky. Time to kick ass!

But alas, tonight was Zayra’s night to go.

Dave: “I’m sorry to see you go. You’ve delivered some of this show’s most compelling performances in the past two years that this show has aired.” He tells her that she’s a star, and wishes her well.

Fighting back tears, of course Zayra was elegant and classy. “This has been amazing, and we have all discovered the real person inside of ourselves. My heart will be with all of you.” She also adds that it’s been a rollercoaster ride, and she can’t believe that she stayed as long as she did.

Jason: “I’m going to miss you.”

And in her flamboyant style, Zayra says to the camera, “Bye world! I’ll see you soon!” and tossed a rose into the audience.

Where are my tissues when I need them?

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