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green dot prepaid debit card review

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green dot prepaid debit card review

Ready for a Green Dot Prepaid Debit Card Review?

Here’s my unabashed green dot prepaid debit card review. I have nothing left to lose, so here it is.

First, having a green dot prepaid debit card is not a bad thing, when things are going well. I’ve had my card for at least a year now, and it has been convenient to reload my card.

BUT, my card was recently hacked for unauthorized charges, including some for NYC taxis which require a physical card, so I don’t know how that happened when the card is still in my possession. So I had to put a hold on my card, and wait for a replacement. It’s been over 10 days, and the card still hasn’t arrived. Not to mention that all of my bills, including rent, are now past due.

I am grateful that the charges were reversed, and credited back to my account, BUT NOW I HAVE NO ACCESS TO THEM.

I’ve requested a new replacement card, and I expected to have to wait another 10 business days. However, this time the specialist mentioned that I can get it expedited for $15.00. How come that solution wasn’t offered the first time???

So I’m stuck for close to another week, while some of my services are being cut off in the meantime. Just great!

The Customer Service specialists are quite courteous, but they can offer no solutions that help.

green dot prepaid debit card review

My Green Dot Prepaid Debit Card Review

If you are looking for a green dot prepaid debit card review that will help you make a decision, please listen to mine. When things are good, you’ll have an online bank account for your cash. BUT if you have any kind of problem in which your money is locked up with them, you are screwed.

I’m a digital marketing specialist, and I prefer to use my SEO powers for good, but while I am stuck in this situation, the best way that I can hope to get some satisfaction is to tell others BUYER BEWARE!

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