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Aaaack! My Twitter Account Has Been Suspended!!!

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Twitter Fail Whale Craft

Not sure yet how this has happened, but my Twitter account @carlalynnehall has been suspended for suspicious activity. If you’re looking for me, I’ll be back as soon as things clear up.

In the meantime, you can still find me here, as well as via Facebook and FriendFeed.

Those of you who know how much I love to twitter can imagine what kind of withdrawal I’m going through right about now. I’ll keep you posted.

And for any of the Twitter Support folks who may be checking my blog to see if I’m real, I swear I am!


4 Responses to “Aaaack! My Twitter Account Has Been Suspended!!!”

  1. Alexandre Daigle Says:

    Finally how did u get ur account back
    Because right now I’m exacly in the same
    Situation as u were…
    Maybe u know what I did wrong?
    And what exacly happen to you?
    Do I need to do anything to have my twitter
    account again..?
    Thank you for helping me!!

  2. Carla Says:

    Hi Alexandre,

    I don’t really know what happened. It was reported as some kind of mistake (as a few other people also had their accounts suspended), and Twitter reinstated my account nine hours later:

    But those were the longest nine hours of my life!!!

  3. Alexandre Daigle Says:

    ok… And after Twitter reinstated ur account did u find any differences
    on ur account or did u lost your tweets or your followers?

  4. Carla Says:

    When my Twitter account was restored, it seemed to be back to normal, including my following/follower numbers.

    HOWEVER, at this very moment, Monday May 10th at 1:25pm EST, my current following and follower count is 0 and 0. A lot of people on my timeline are experiencing the same thing and tweeting about it. Twitter has its share of bugs. Glitches like this happen from time to time, and in a few hours, things will be back to normal. If your account was restored but reads 0/0 following and followers, this will pass.

    Twitter does have a help ticket system in there somewhere, so feel free to let them know what’s up. In my experience, when stuff like this happens, you’re not the only one, which means that the folks at Twitter are scrambling to fix the problem which will take them a few hours or so.

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