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Why I Gave Up on Rock of Love

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Blogging commentary about Rock of Love seemed like a good idea before the show started, but as a woman, it was hard to tune in to a show showing all these surgically enhanced women desperately chase after a rock star bachelor.

I just lost the taste for it. And for anyone who cares, Jess, the woman who “won”, has already ended things with Bret Michaels. According to reports, “she couldn’t handle the rock and roll lifestyle”. If you remember from my first Rock of Love commentary, I thought Jess was very cool, but perhaps too smart to even be bothered by this contest. I’ll have to claim my “I told you so” for that one, but I should have known better myself about blogging about a bachelor show in the first place. Even Tommy Lee from the Rock Star: Supernova show went on record as saying that Rock of Love was a stupid show, and he would never do a show like that himself.

Rock star or not, my expertise is music and the music biz, and that’s why I’m heading back to those roots. Ah well, those “rock star life lessons” have been learned all around then, haven’t they?

In other news, my new non-MySpace blog is almost ready for launch this month, so stay tuned!

Happy New Year! 2008 is gonna be great!

Carla Lynne Hall

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