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Carla & Curtis Play End of World Gig in NYC on Dec 20th

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Carla & Curtis performing at Goodbye Blue Monday

So how’s that for a title? 😉

I was originally set to join Curtis Becraft for his gig at Bushwick Brooklyn’s Goodbye Blue Monday on Dec 20th at 9pm, when he turned around and got *me* a gig to fill in for a cancellation at 11pm. Curtis, sweetheart that he is, agreed to stay and sit in with me for the later set, so it’s gonna be a fun night of music.

It’s not that I believe that the world will end on Dec 21st as the Mayans predicted, BUT if it so happens that there is some kind of apocalyptic event, I will have at least spent my final hours making music with good friends. That works for me!

Curtis and I have some fun musical things planned for the New Year, so this gig will just be a teaser. Come early for Curtis’ gig, grab a bite from the kitchen, and then hang out with us for my 11pm slot.

If the world does end, you don’t want to sleep through it. Come on out!

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