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Social Media Superhero Returns to NYC on Dec. 18th!

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Social Media Superhero, aka Social Media Branding 101 returns to NYC on Dec 18th!

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While most freelancers and entrepreneurs are already using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in their daily/personal life, they may lack the strategy necessary to increase visibility for their business.

Whether you are seeking investors, clients, or customers, this class teaches the best practices of online marketing. We’ll cover business branding basics that can be used online and offline, as well as specific social media marketing strategies to grow your network.

This class is best for:

* Start-up and small business owners who are just starting out, or within the first year of running their business

* Freelancers who are already familiar with the basics of Facebook and Twitter, and want to supercharge their online marketing strategy

* Anyone who wants to learn social media marketing skills to gain more business

The goal is to leave this class with at least one new tactic that can be put into practice immediately. Having a laptop, tablet, or smartphone is not required, and interacting with your classmates is encouraged!

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