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Rock Star: Supernova Recap for Week 11

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 (New York, NY) It’s Finale Week of the Rock Star: Supernova reality TV show competition, and musician Carla Lynne Hall, also known in music circles as “The DIY Diva”, is counting down the last days until the new lead singer is crowned for Supernova, the all-star rock band featuring Tommy Lee (Motley Crue), Gilby Clarke (Guns N’ Roses) and Jason Newsted (Metallica). Hall’s Rock Star Life Lessons blog, located at has become THE site to visit post-show for her passionate commentary, and related headlines tracked in the media. Now that the original 15 Rocker contestants have become the Final Four, Hall says that anything can happen.According to Hall’s Rock Star Life Lessons blog, the competition ain’t over til it’s over. “Who would have thought that Dilana would have had a rough patch in the competition?” writes Hall, “Who would have thought that Toby Rand was going to make such a fantastic showing in the last few weeks? Who would have guessed that Magni would outlast Ryan Star? We all have our favorites and our predictions, but in the end, when you’re dealing with people seeking to succeed, there will always be surprises.”

Hall’s advice to the Rocker contestants are actually universal: “When it’s your turn to compete, keep your eye on the prize, and focus on your race with yourself”, ‘The DIY Diva’ continues. “By the time you approach the finish line, you might be the one left standing. Never, never, never, never, never give up!”

Carla’s opinions on the remaining Rockers:

Toby Rand: “Known as ‘The Thunder from Down Under’, Aussie Toby Rand is a crowd pleaser, especially with the ladies. Running around the Mansion’s pool naked in order to sing the song of his choice hasn’t hurt him a bit either. With his good looks, impressive voice, and wicked sense of humor, Toby brings a well-rounded battle to the Rock Star: Supernova stage.”

Magni Asgeirsson: “From Reykjavik, Iceland, Magni Asgeirsson has a confident stage presence, and vocal abilities from years of being a well-known rock star in his homeland. Also a new dad, Magni is one of the ‘well-adjusted’ Rockers, and appears to have favor with the Supernova judges.”

Dilana Robichaux: “After a strong start in the competition, Dilana is the favorite for many fans. She’s a great performer, and her recent rough patch in the competition may only serve to make her well-rounded. Still it’s up to the fans and the Supernova judges.”

Lukas Rossi: “Don’t let his eyeshadow and skunk haircut fool you. Described as a cross between Freddy Mercury and Jeff Buckley, Lukas Rossi is a mesmerizing stage performer with versatile vocal chops. Lukas can handle an angry punk rock song or a rock power ballad with equal skill, and his spontaneity onstage keeps the audience on their toes.”

At this point, “Tommy, Gilby, and Jason are each looking for the winning Rocker to fill some very special shoes”, continues Hall, “Gilby is looking at musicianship, and how the contestants perform their songs. Jason is very interested in musical technique – how the rockers approach their instrument, and their career. Tommy is especially interested in stage presence, that “It Factor”, as well as audience response. The Supernova judges have many years of stage and touring experience between them. Tommy, Gilby, and Jason have been the perfect musical gurus for the contestants. The judges are having fun, but it’s obvious that they’re taking their job seriously.  Add Dave Navarro as host, executive producer, and Spiritual Leader, and Brooke Burke as the show’s hostess and Resident Goddess, and I can’t think of anywhere else to be except in front of my TV on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.”

Carla Lynne Hall is a Brooklyn singer/songwriter, and Supernova (no relation to Rock Star: Supernova) is the latest CD release on her Moxie Entertainment label. Described as Norah Jones meets Sade, with a touch of The Beatles, “Hall’s velvet voice and heartbreaking songs draw you in with their richness” says Rockrgrl Magazine. Supernova is available on and iTunes. Known as “The DIY Diva”, Carla Lynne Hall is also the author of The DIY Guide to the Music Biz, and her columns appear in Vibe Magazine,, and other publications around the globe. Carla’s eBook, The DIY (Do It Yourself) Guide to the Music Biz is available at For more information on Carla Lynne Hall, visit

Tune into CBS Tuesday and Wednesday nights for Rock Star: Supernova.


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