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Blame It On The Alcohol – Jamie Foxx – Performed by JR Aquino

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I just returned from awesome homecoming trip of Miami and West Palm Beach, FL to see my family and friends. While driving around in my rental car, I listened to a lot of radio, and despite my better judgement, I fell in love with Jamie Foxx’ “Blame it on the Alcohol”. Although I hate the idea of blaming (or justifying!) a one night stand on alcohol, the groove of this song cannot be denied.

I had the idea of creating parody lyrics, and while googling the original lyrics, I actually found guitar chords for the song. After digging a little deeper, I learned that another guy had an acoustic performance video of Blame it on the Alcohol” on YouTube. This musician is a soulful singer/songwriter named JR Aquino, and he’s from Anchorage, Alaska! I thought that that was pretty cool because while I may never get to Anchorage, I can always get to YouTube, so JR is very smart to leverage the power of the internet. Plus, now I can share him with YOU! Enjoy!

If you want to take a stab at this song yourself, you can also find the lyrics and chords here.

PS – If you’re gonna do anything questionable in life, never blame it on the alcohol, okay? Just own up to it, and move on! 😉

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