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Musician’s Lunch NYC Begins Saturday, March 28th at 1pm

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Musician's Lunch
Lunch & Learn

Do you remember my mentioning that I had a tasty project planned with London’s Kavit Haria? Well, it’s here!

Musician’s Lunch is a luncheon event to bring together musicians who are interested in learning about the latest trends in music marketing and ideas for promotion over a meal.
I’ll be hosting the lunches in NYC, while Kavit will be hosting similar events in London. The cost is $25 in NYC, and £25 in London – and you pay for your own lunch. In addition to the fun we’ll be having, each lunch attendee in NYC will also get a free music marketing strategy guide that’s worth $97!

I love talking about music, I love breaking down marketing strategies, and I love eating out. This project is right up my alley, and I plan to do as many musician lunches as I can fit in this year. If you don’t live in NYC or London, and you’re interested in participating, leave me a comment below, and we’ll see if we can find a way to visit your town. Personally, I’d love to get to New Orleans, Los Angeles, and Atlanta this year, so if you live there, let me know!!!

If you have your heart set on sitting next next to me or Kavit, that spot goes to the first musician who offers to buy our lunch!

If you’re interested in learning the latest music marketing techniques successful musicians use to build a buzz, grow their audience, and sell more CDs, visit Musician’s Lunch!

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