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Before we continue on our regular Rock Star: Supernova programming, it turns out that I have a gig of my own to announce. On Thursday, August 17th at 7pm, I’ll be performing at New York’s The Cutting Room. For you Sex & The City fans, The Cutting Room is a nightclub owned by Mr. Big (Chris Noth). I can’t promise he’ll be there, but you never know…This will be a fundraiser for The Songs of Love Foundation, a special organization that creates personalized songs for children and teens with chronic illnesses. Can you imagine being a child stuck in a hospital, having to undergo all kinds of treatment, and then receiving a CD with a song written just for you? These songs incorporate the favorite people and activities of the child too, which is pretty cool.

I first heard of this charity from David Lee Roth when I did a gig with him a few months ago. He performed with my band as a special guest, and then turned 100 percent of his appearance fee over to the Songs of Love people. I’m a Van Halen fan from way back, and it was cool as hell to sing with Diamond Dave, but my respect for David Lee Roth went up tenfold with that gesture. Now that I’m playing out more, I’m happy to do a gig to help the kids. I’m charging $10 at the door, and giving Songs of Love 100f the profit. If you’re in town, please come out and support this cause.

Okay, the first elimination round is about to begin. Cannot wait!!!

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