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Music Business Diva Blogs Rock Star Life Lessons From Rock Star: Supernova

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 (PRWEB) July 11, 2006 — Rock Star: Supernova, the new musical reality show on CBS TV, is this summer’s backstage pass into the life of an aspiring Rock Star, and Carla Lynne Hall, musician and music biz expert, seeks to turn the lessons learned by the show’s contestants into advice any musician can use. At her blog at  Carla blogs about the contestants on Rock Star: Supernova, as well as her own quest for what she’s coined “Rockstarhood.”This summer’s new Rock Star: Supernova seeks to find a new lead singer to front all-star band Supernova, made of Tommy Lee (Motley Crue), Gilby Clarke (Guns N’ Roses), and Jason Newsted (Metallica), and 15 Rocker contestants from around the world will be competing for their chance to be THE Rock Star of Supernova. “Each one of these Rockers had to be damned good to get on the show,” Carla adds, “but competing against each other on national TV takes the game to another level. Last year’s JD Fortune had his own issues to deal with before he finally won Rock Star: INXS. I’m just blogging about the ebb and flow of competing in a musical reality show, and hopefully providing examples, life lessons if you will, for aspiring rock stars.”

Carla Lynne Hall’s interest in Rock Star: Supernova came as a coincidence. Carla released her second CD, also called Supernova in February 2006. Described as a cross between Norah Jones and Sade with a touch of The Beatles, Hall’s Supernova is gaining a following in the Adult Album Alternative category. Hall auditioned for the Rock Star show eight days before the new band’s name was announced in March, but she didn’t get the callback. Still, Hall is undeterred. “I sang my ass off for the audition, and I’m sure I’m not the only possible Rocker who didn’t get the call. There were only 15 slots, and thousands of people auditioned. There’s such thing as the right time, and there’s such thing as the right fit. Now that I know who Supernova is, I have a better idea of what the producers are looking for. The point is, believing in yourself is the most important goal. It doesn’t matter what I say on my blog, or even what Tommy Lee says from the judge’s box. If success doesn’t come for a Rocker during this particular show, it doesn’t mean that success will never happen. A determined musician can take the pressure built from frustration and obscurity and transform it into a diamond. That’s the stuff of magic!”

So is Carla Lynne Hall giving up promoting her Supernova CD to promote Rock Star: Supernova? “Hell, no!” she laughs, “I’ll be using Rock Star: Supernova like a study guide, noting what works and blogging about it, but I have a few gigs of my own this summer. I’ll be blogging about my own quest for rockstarhood as well. While it’s fun watching these talented contestants, I’m ready to rock the house myself.”

And what is Rockstarhood, you ask? “Becoming a rock star means that you can command a stage, and control the energy of a room with the sheer strength of your personal power and charisma,” Hall explains, “Achieving rockstarhood takes into account all of the rock star life lessons that you learned along the way,” explains Hall, “Dealing with personal demons, self-confidence issues, addictions, co-dependencies, and the usual obstacles like not having enough money are issues that all aspiring musicians have to work out for themselves. Achieving rockstarhood requires a lot of self-work that people don’t often address. When you see an awesome stage performance, there was a lot of work behind it. I’ll be the one digging for that story.”

Carla has opened for legendary bluesman Taj Mahal, and has performed at clubs and college campuses throughout the United States. Front & Center, Carla’s debut CD on Moxie Entertainment, was released in 2001, and rose to #3 on college playlists. In 2004, Hall’s “My First Child” lullaby was released as a single, and won raves from celebrity moms Courtney Cox and Debra Messing. Also known as “The DIY Diva” in music circles, Carla Lynne Hall is also the author of The DIY Guide to the Music Biz, and her columns appear in Vibe Magazine,, and other publications around the globe. Carla’s Rock Star: Supernova blog can be found at, and her official website is located at

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