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Summer Block Party Near Madison Square Park, NYC

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This Thursday, July 26th, I’ll be playing with Aged Inventory at New York City’s Madison Square Park (Madison Avenue and E. 23rd Street)

Actually, that was the original plan, which has morphed a bit. Aged Inventory, investment bank Credit Suisse’s resident Banker Band was slated to play at Madison Square Park for the Fixed Income Division’s Summer Party. However, the powers-that-be in the Fixed Income division realized that Aged Inventory has a huge following, and having the gig across the street at Madison Square Park might be a logistical nightmare if they had to rope off an area that could only accommodate 300 people. The Fixed Income department alone is more than 300 people, not to mention all of our friends in other parts of the firm who want to come. So now the show has become a BLOCK PARTY!!!

We’ll still have tasty burgers catered by Danny Meyer’s Shake Shack, but we’re moving the party to the street in front of Credit Suisse (Madison Avenue and E. 24th Street. Security will have more control over the crowds this way, and employees exiting the building will not be able to miss us. Non-employees won’t have access to the free food, but since Shake Shack is right there, you can still grab a delicious meal and hear some great music. And since we’ll be outside playing LOUD, you won’t be able to help but see or hear us.

Ain’t no party like a summer block party! Hope to see you there!

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