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Monday Night Quarterback: Top Five Power Ballads Inspired by Rock of Love

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So it’s Monday Night Quarterback time for Week 2 of Rock of Love with Bret Michaels. I’m in the mood for another list, how bout you? The twist to my list is that I’ve chosen songs inspired by Bret Michaels’ girls, in no particular order:

Top 5 All Time Rock Power Ballads

Still Loving You by The Scorpions – RODEO

Rodeo is the closest thing Bret Michaels has so far to a love connection on this show. Rodeo has a strong, ahem, sexual nature, and she and Bret can also bond over their kids. She may be older than some of the other babes, but Bret is no spring chicken himself. There are worst things in the world than a mature woman who can get down.

More Than Words by Extreme – TIFFANY

If actions speak louder than words, then Tiffany has said enough. At the beginning of the reality show, we liked that she had the balls to beg her way out of the first elimination. BUT her reliance on alcohol was her downfall. Bret gave her second chances because he knows what it’s like to be a sloppy mess, but in the end, do you think he wants to wake up to that kind of drama???

Every Rose Has its Thorn by Poison – ERIN

Erin, aka Ms Hooters of Illinois, probably has the biggest breasts in the house. I learned today that she graduated college in 3.5 years. This explains why she is always talking about how she is not like the other surgically enhanced ladies in the house. But it begs the question: If she’s so smart, why didn’t she get Gummi Bear boobs instead of the circus ones? Or why even get them at all? Frankly, I didn’t like how she attacked poor Brandi C’s “meth-scratched face”. That was more than harsh. That was nasty and cruel.

Beth by Kiss – LACEY

Since this Kiss song was sung by the drummer, and Lacey is a drummer, Lacey comes to my mind, even if I’m still not totally sure why. Probably because I really wanted to include this song in my list.

Love Hurts by Nazareth – BRANDI C

Yeah, I’m pulling out a classic favorite, just for Brandi. Brandi’s not particularly bright, but she is cute, and she seems to have a good heart under her Gummi Bears. I’m thinking that Bret needs a strong woman at his side, and Brandi isn’t that, but she means well.
C’est La Vie!

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