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Beliefs About Money ~ Guest Blog by Susan Velez

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thinking about money

Beliefs About Money

by Susan Velez

Beliefs about money are essential for your success. You can easily take a look around your life and find out what your beliefs about money are. Are you currently struggling to make ends meet or are you living an abundant lifestyle with more than enough? Be honest with yourself because only you can change your thoughts and actions to achieve what you truly desire. Changing your mindset will have a significant impact on you achieving more money and reaching your goals.

We have all heard about the power of positive thinking it has become such a huge topic in the last couple of years. Does it actually work? How can your beliefs actually help you reach your goals? Yes it can I am willing to bet that if you are currently struggling to make ends meet; it is probably because you have placed a majority of your thoughts on lack of money to pay for your bills, or some other thoughts of lack. You can not focus on lack and produce wealth. You beliefs about money have shown up in your life. It may not be what you would like; however the great news is that you can change it.

Wealth is nothing more than your mindset. Many people would love to possess the mindset that will help them achieve all the money they desire. However they are not willing to do the mental work that is required. Your mindset is not all that is required to begin achieving the success that you desire, however if you can begin believing that you already possess the money it is the biggest step towards achieving the success you desire. Anything you desire whether it is wealth, abundance, happiness, health or anything else; you must be able to see it as already yours. This takes practice and effort on your part. What is it that you desire? Are you wanting more money? How much would you like to possess? If you want to make $7,000 a month then you must be able to see that amount in your mind clearly. It must become a reality in your mind before it will become a reality in your outside life.

This is the biggest step that people fail to accomplish, they feel like they would like more money and are not willing to put in the mental effort to accomplish what they desire. You must be able to influence your subconscious mind that you already possess what you desire and then it will begin bringing opportunities to you that will assist you to achieve what you desire. Most people do not understand this; they feel like they have to do everything they can do physically to make it a reality.

Now if you dream about it and just spend your days dreaming without any action on your part; then you will not succeed. Nothing will fall out of the sky into your lap. The bottom line is that our beliefs and actions become our truths and reality. Henry Ford explained it best when he said, “Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right.”



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