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Rock Star: Supernova ~ Week 2 Performances

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Week 2 Performances

Magni – My Generation

Much improved!!! Magni went back to the drawing board for his outfit and stage presence, and we got a glimpse of why he was picked for the gig! He has a great rock voice, can scream at will. I think tonight’s performance will keep Magni out of the Bottom Three, but how far he’ll go in the competition is still to be decided. Tommy Lee called his performance “ho hum”.

Jenny Galt – Tainted Love

I love her voice – it has a distinctive color to it that I like a lot. She did lose the guitar this week, but I felt like she was overcompensating with her hands and upper body to hide nerves. Her beginning was shaky, as she sang a little ahead of the beat. It seemed like the band was trying hard to keep up with her, but she eventually found her way. The next two weeks (if she survives) will give me a better idea of what she’s actually bringing to the table.

Jill Gioia – Violet

After writing last week that Jill Gioia made me think of a wedding singer, she comes onstage this week in a short wedding dress, black leather boots and dead red roses. With the smeary red lipstick paired with the leather and lace, I figured that she was borrowing a page from Courtney Love’s style book. Her performance was dirtier, and more rock and roll. She still has a great voice, but I wasn’t crazy about the jumping she was doing. Still, I had to give her kudos for going for it.

Dave was not feeling the Courtney Love vibe at all. When he called Jill on it, she insisted that this was her own idea, and that she knew nothing about what Courtney was doing musically. Then Dave countered that her song’s CD had a photo of Courtney Love during her grunge days, also wearing a similar dress.

Gilby thought she had a better singing voice than a screaming one, and Tommy Lee asked if she was wearing panties. In my opinion, by insisting that she didn’t know what Courtney Love was into (while looking like a Courtney look-alike), it appeared that she was out of the rock and roll loop. I don’t think that Tommy takes Jill seriously. And I don’t know if she’ll be able to change his mind.

Zayra Alvarez-You Really Got Me

Zayra has something…She was at her exotic best – black catsuit, sexy and sleek like a panther. The Kinks’ classic was a great choice, as the song gave her plenty space to pose and moan like the diva she is. Her performance was theatrical and sexy. This song was also good because it masks her possible accent issues. Her accent doesn’t bother me, but what about Tommy, Gilby, and Jason???

Gilby was quick to ask Zayra if she knew anything about any of the bands that the Supernova members had come from, if she owned any records of theirs. Her answer? “I was in diapers when they came out.” Ouch!

I admit, I loved her sassy response, but what about Tommy, Gilby, and Jason? Remember, this is the job interview of your life. Do you tell a potential employer that he or she is over the hill? And to come back to Gilby’s point, has she done her homework? It might be time for Zayra to reach in and find some rock roots. But she’s fun to watch.

Chris Pierson – Take Me Out

Better song choice, but he needs more power and energy in his performance.

Dave got a little snarky, and told Chris that he was still missing some authenticity. Jason agreed. Nothing particularly stood out for me.

Dilana – Ring of Fire

I love when women cover songs done by men, and Dilana’s choice of a Johnny Cash song did not disappoint. Dilana has this great gravelly voice, but also a clear tone that she demonstrates every so often when she sings in a higher register. Her outfit was sort of Elvira, Mistress of the Night, which fit her dark and elegant performance. Dave, Tommy, and Gilby all loved her performance.

Josh Logan – Arms Wide Open

He chose a Creed song? Dude, enough of the gospel riffing. Too much is just filler, and the more you do it, the more it loses its meaning. Dave found him average, and Jason warned him of overdoing the “Stevie Wonder” licks. Amen

Josh Logan is going to get signed, and go on tour, but not with Supernova.

Phil Ritchie – If You Could Only See

Good emotional singer, but hard to understand what he’s singing. His song choice was good. Jason also wanted him to stop sliding around the stage, “plant your feet on the ground and just CRUSH it.” But Tommy dug him, so he may be around a bit longer.

Storm Large – Surrender

Since she wasn’t in the first spot this week, I had a better opportunity to check out Storm’s performance. The thing I like about Storm is that she’s natural onstage. I feel like she was meant to be on somebody’s stage. She has a great voice. She gives a great swagger in her performance. Great energy, and a powerful performance.

Dave thought parts of her act was a little Broadway, like Cats. She was gracious and humble about the comments, but I don’t agree with Dave.

Patrice Pike – Heart Shaped Box

I can’t help but think of Jordis Unga’s version of this from Rock Star: INXS last year, but I suppose that memory has no place in this recap. Anyway, she played guitar, and her voice was in good form, but this week I had a better idea of Patrice’s range. The song choice was good, but if she had the vocal chops to kill it, she could have. I still like Patrice, but I’m on the fence this week…

Lukas – Dont Panic

I love the eye shadow on this year’s bad boy Rocker. He has great stage poses, and excellent presence. His voice is versatile, but I still have problems understanding him.

Tommy liked his singing, and Jason gave him a mini-vocal lesson. Tommy teased Jason about that but Jason added that Lukas’ voice is his instrument, and that he needs to take care of it. This is true, Folks. Bad singing technique will damage your vocal chords – especially dangerous for singers on the road with a hectic schedule. Lukas took the comment well.

Ryan Star – Jumping Jack Flash

I wanted more energy from Ryan at the beginning. Somewhere in the middle, he went into the audience, sang through the house, then ran back on stage. He came alive at that point, and the audience connected with that.

Dave mentioned how his venture through the audience turned his performance up a notch. Tommy reminded Ryan how Mick Jagger does this song: ” He’s a showboat, so show your boat!”

Something’s missing for me that I can’t put my finger on. We’ll see…

Dana Andrews – Born to Be Wild

She has a powerful voice, but she’s still green. She wore a leopard print corset, black miniskirt with what appeared to be thigh high boots. It’s a sexy rock and roll look, but she can’t hide that baby face. It seemed to me that the miniskirt waddle (or maybe the stiletto heels) also prevented her from doing more on stage. She also reacted a bit with one of the guitarists in the house band, but it felt like an afterthought to me. But she was working it, never you mind about that.

Gilby asked if her parents would recognize her, and said that he’d like more “dirtier rock” from her. She giggled that the leopard print was supposed to be dirtier. She should have kept quiet with that comment, as it made her seem like she was playing dress up. Tommy said she was “born to be mild”. Jason said she had “killer potential”. What does it mean? She has the chops, but the band might throw her back in the water til she gets bigger.

Toby Rand – cant remember, but he was hawt

I loved Toby’s performance this week. He had a strong start, and he maintained that edge through the whole song. He gave a powerful, direct, and sexy performance.

Gilby commented that Toby “killed it” two nights in a row, and Tommy added “Its obvious. Girls like you.” Toby’s answer? “”That’s good cuz I like girls.” This week’s heartthrob award definitely goes to Toby.

By the way, did anyone else notice how Dave Navarro was a bit snarky this week in his comments? Are he and Carmen Electra having a tiff, or are the producers trying to turn up the heat on the contestants? I also detected canned applause during the judge’s comments. What are the show’s producer’s up to now?

My rankings:

Top Three

Bottom Three
Jill Gioia
Chris Pierson
Dana Andrews

Tomorrow night is the next elimination round. See you then!

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