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Rock Star: Supernova ~ Week 1 Eliminations

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Matt Hoffer Goes Home from Rock Star: Supernova

Before I get into the elimination stuff, I have to mention the juicy bits at the beginning of the show. Turns out that Lukas may be taking the JD Fortune abrasive route. After the Rockers returned to the Mansion, Lukas asked Dana in front of everyone who the Bottom Three should be. She asked him back, but he wouldn’t answer. During tonight’s show, Dave asked Lukas to answer, and Dana was on her list. Lukas said that he didn’t know if she’d be able to hang with the boys in the band. Dana said that she felt that before she could answer, she’d have to take the knife out of her chest. She might be tougher than she looks. That’s a good thing.

Lukas also said that Dilana and Jill should go. Dave was quick to let us know that he and the band respect that kind of honesty, and he let both ladies respond, and of course they held their own, but Lukas might not consider how such comments can turn fighters into champions. Michael Jordan is one of those athletes whose game gets BETTER when they’re angry, or have something to prove. If Lukas is trying to maintain his lead by psyching out the competition, he better make sure that he knows what they’re bringing to the table.

Tommy Lee and the rest of Supernova wanted an encore performance of Dilana’s Lithium. After Lukas’ harshness, it seemed liked Dilana exploded even more (yes, like a supernova). Her delivery didn’t so much change, but got even bigger. As you can tell, I like my rockers onstage to work hard for me. Earn that money, you know?! Dilana was intense and ferocious, and even wilder. Mark my words, the smackdown between Lukas and Dilana is coming…

So tonight’s first elimination round show was extra dramatic. At the beginning, the names of the Bottom Three results last night BEFORE the rest of the international votes were tallied today: Magni, Phil, and Chris. At the latest count, the Bottom Three was different: Zayra, Ryan, and Matt. Interesting.

After plenty of dramatic pauses, Brooke named the official Bottom Three: Chris, Phil, and Matt –

Chris – LA Woman

Early in the show, Chris was asked if he had any regrets about yesterday’s song choice, he said no, and that part of rock and roll is not caring what people think. Point well taken. But if he cared more about what people thought, he could have put forth even more energy on stage. His voice sounded much better tonight, but I felt like he was kinda walking around the stage.

In my opinion, his performance was lackluster til he hit the floor, rolled around, and started flirting with the girls in the audience. Even then, it seemed a little forced to me. But time will tell. Time will tell it all…

Phil – Stars

I have to look this song up. I really liked it. Phil was much better than last night, but I still wanted more energy. He ended the song with a good rock yowl (is there such a word?). I don’t know if he’ll be the lead singer of Supernova. He clowns a bit onstage when nervous, making faces and such. That’s a bad habit to be quashed immediately.

Matt – Planet Earth

As soon as Matt is asked what his song was he immediately went into musician qualifying mode: “Some people might not like think of this song as a rock song, but yadda, yadda, yadda…” Listen to me, please: NO EXCUSES on the stage.

Personally, I hate it when a musician apologizes BEFORE the song, explaining that they have a cold, or the chorus isn’t finished, or whatever. Can’t stand it. JUST SING THE DAMN SONG! Apologize AFTER you eff it up. Better still, don’t even apologize at all. Owning a stage is about going for the moment – no regrets, no apologies. If you hesitate, you’re lost.

Most importantly, Matt didn’t follow directions. Yes, kiddies, your second grade teacher was right – life does get a bit easier when you follow instructions. Just the night before, Dave had suggested that he do choose an uglier song, Tommy Lee made a big deal about song choice, and even Gilby had gotten into Chris’ shorts about the right song. Taking all of that information in, what does Matt choose to sing tonight when elimination is stalking him? Planet Earth by Duran Duran.

Now I LOVE the song Planet Earth, but it ain’t really hard rock and roll. And it sure ain’t Tommy, Gilby, or Jason. When Matt’s performance was done, I noticed that Tommy and Gilby didn’t applaud, so I had a feeling that Matt was going to be first one kicked off rock star island.

But I will say this – Matt has made choices that are consistent with his voice and style. He has stayed true to himself as an artist, but he’s not a good fit for Supernova. As hard as it may be to swallow, sometimes you don’t picked for a band, job, or whatever, simply because your personality, politics, or style don’t fit with the others in the group. When that happens, it’s a waste of time and energy to remake yourself into the kind of person who’d fit in. It’s best to find a spot where you can be yourself, and give your best effort. Matt may now be able to leverage this TV appearance into getting a deal doing the music his soul really wants to do. He got this far, who knows how much farther he’ll go.

Farewell, Matt! See you at the top of the charts!

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