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Band Halloween Special Effects: All Hands on Deck!

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In addition to nail polish, there are other ways to make your hands more ghoulish-looking. If you plan to be a ghost, vampire, werewolf or other creature of the night, fake hands and nails will make your band Halloween costume creepy!

Imagi Vampire Nails
Imagi Vampire Nails
Imagi-Nails Flesh. Incredibly long and durable, each set includes thumb, middle finger, finger and pinkie size. Trim for length and fit. Each kit includes 10 nails, instructions and double stick tape.
Imagi Vampire Nails

press-on claws
Complete your vampire, ghost or ghoul costume with a convincing set of claws. These aren’t your mom’s press on nails – they’re something altogether different and weird! They even glow in the dark!
Press-on Claws

Vampire Finger Extensions

Fake Finger Extensions
Extend your fingers up to 6″ or longer, 10 per pack, just slip on for a realistic horrifying look.
Vampire Finger Extensions

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