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31 Days of Band Halloween!

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Is it October already? Since many bands like to go all out for Halloween, Rock Star Life Lessons will be celebrating The 31 Days of Band Halloween.

For the month of October, I’m going to feature ideas for Halloween costumes, wigs, stage props, makeup how-tos, and other Halloween treats for your Halloween gig.

I’ll also be featuring Halloween performance videos and photos from bands, so send yours in!

To kick off the 31 Days of Band Halloween in style, here’s a live Halloween show video of “Dead” by Chemical Romance.

If you’d like to copy this band Halloween style, notice the simplicity of the costume: matching military jackets and black pants. Each band member’s face is made up as a skull, and that’s it.

Simple, yet effective. Check out My Chemical Romance’s Halloween performance of “Dead” below:

Thank you for making Rock Star Life Lessons your Band Halloween Headquarters!

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