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New Music Artist: Katt Rockell

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New music artist Katt Rockell will be performing at New York City’s Tillman’s on September 22nd for their Turntable Unplugged.

Katt Rockell
New Music Artist Katt Rockell

From Katt’s MySpace page:

With a commanding stage presence and a voice described by a major label A&R representative as the “sweetest tear,” Katt Rockell draws you into her lair and delivers a knock out punch every time. Fans will walk away mesmerized, invigorated, empowered and most importantly – completely satisfied and wanting more.

A stellar vocalist, Katt is preparing to share her musical vision with blazing hot tracks that will make you sing out loud, tap your feet and at times rejoice with tears of joy and victory. Her debut solo project will document a very personal and triumphant journey of rediscovery.

Katt is also recognized as a naturally gifted songwriter with the unique ability to both pen a hit record in a variety of music genres and vocally capture the essence of a song. Katt has collaborated with leading recording artists and numerous multi-platinum producers including Younglord (Beyonce, P. Diddy, Mariah Carey.)

Currently, Katt is recording with the production house Truth & Soul and Peter Lord, as well as other high-profile producers and writers. “I’ve been on an incredible path that has helped shape me as an artist, Katt says, “I really want to make an honest record and share all of the bumps and bruises as well as my growth as a singer and songwriter”.

She continues to write for other artists but is in the studio and concentrating on her own project. Katt says, “I’ve been in the trenches and have learned a lot of valuable lessons. I’ve worked with some of the best talents in the industry and absorbed so much knowledge. It’s my time to shine.”

Katt’s music is timeless and her star is rising fast. So, prepare yourself for a smooth and funky ‘diva soul’ journey because there’s a new Katt in town.

Check out New Music Artist Katt Rockell at her MySpace page.

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