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Dear Entrepreneur:

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Just heard from one of my friends starting her own yoga studio. She sent an email to all of her friends asking for referrals and other suggestions. While I’m not a yoga enthusiast, I’m an entreprenerial enthusiast, so you know I had to tell about Workshop in Business Opportunities (aka WIBO)! Here’s my open letter:

Hey Sarah!

So great to hear from you, and that you are following your path! I’m happy to spread the word to my friends and contacts about your yoga business, and if you ever need any help marketing your business online, don’t hesitate to contact me.

While yoga is not my thing, business is, and I MUST share an awesome resource with you. I will soon graduate from a four-month entrepreneurial course, “How to Build a Growing Profitable Business”, sponsored by a non-profit organization, Workshop in Business Opportunities (aka WIBO), and this course has literally changed my life!

This once-a-week course goes into everything you need to know about building your business, from marketing to break-even analysis to cash flow. Because it’s a practical course, your homework is focused on solutions for YOUR business, not some random company that you couldn’t care less about. In addition to your
regular workshop leader, each week there is a visiting business owner who has expertise in the particular week’s lesson. Students and Alumni have access to free and low-cost legal and accounting clinics, as well as the network of other WIBO businesses, which has already come in handy.

Sorry to wax poetic about this class, but I learned things in the last 4 months that I never even considered, and I’ve had my music consulting/marketing company for over 10 years! There were lots of things that I just didn’t know, and WIBO has helped me turn my business around without the usual trial and error.

I do not receive compensation for telling you about WIBO. I’m just a fellow business owner sharing a great tip. WIBO is offered twice a year at 9 different locations in NYC, and the price is only $199 for the 16 weeks ($99 if you’re receiving unemployment or other government assistance). Feel free to learn more about WIBO at, as well as my WIBO-related blog posts at

I wish you all the best with your yoga studio, and in life!


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