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Internet for Artists – “But I don’t care what people had for breakfast!” Edition

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Today was Day 2 of the Internet for Artists workshop. It was also the day of my first solo lecture, “Practical Toolbox” which is all about using online tools to “work smarter, not harder”. My maiden voyage went well, and the participants were interested. YAY!

So in keeping with the whole idea of sharing info, here’s another exercise to focus your social networking efforts. Underneath each step are my original answers, from when I was an IFA participant in February.

“Who Am I Online?” Exercise

Step 1: Write a single sentence describing how you want people to know you online. Begin with “I am a…”

I am a cheerful, helpful, creative musician and marketing consultant.

Step 2: Write a short list that describes who you want to reach on the web. List 3-4 kinds of people.

* Potential fans
* Other indie artists and creative people
* Music supervisors and licensors
* Music writers and editors

Step 3: Write a short list that describes what you would like to learn about or learn from other people on the web. List 3 things you would like to learn.

* Musical tips/skills
* New tech developments for social media
* Video editing techniques
* Other singer/songwriters in my genre

Once you have these answers, you then have a map to help you decide how you want to represent yourself online, as well as the people you can target.

Twitter is NOT about telling people what you had for breakfast. It’s about building relationships with people. And just about anything you do to market yourself in the real world can be done faster and more efficiently when you have a plan of attack.

If you haven’t tried Twitter or Facebook yet, what are you waiting for???

Photo Source: Susan and Kurt Blog by photographers Susan Shaw and Kurt Hoss. Susan attended IFA in Feb 2009.

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