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How Can Musicians Benefit From Twitter?

Posted in A Day in the Life, DIY Diva, Indie Music | 2 Comments »

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Have I mentioned that I LOVE Twitter? This micro-blogging sensation enables you have multiple conversations with people in 140 character spurts. By keeping your “tweets” focused, you can communicate with lots of people.

For musicians, this tool gives you the opportunity not just to meet people, but to find and make new fans. To not only tell people about your new CD, but send them your iTunes links.’s recent rant about celebrity musicians wasting their Twitter opportunity was interesting because it made the point that famous people often have someone else twittering for them, whether it’s a publicist, assistant, or fan.

Whether you’re using Twitter, Myspace, or your own website, your fans want to get to know YOU. Says’s Scott Thill:

“If I wanted to know where a band was every minute of the day, Twitter would be worth more than oil, or at least natural gas. But for anything other than product placement, tour updates or other release-related urgings, Twitter is totally useless when it comes to music.”

Perhaps Scott has a point, but I’ve noticed a few indie musicians on Twitter using it to keep their friends and fans in the loop. Here are some sample tweets from the New Jersey band Thursday (@thursdayband on Twitter): – Already tracked keeper drums and bass for the first song.. Tim used a jazz bass and it sounds way more aggressive.

A crazy day. Bass and drums done for three. Guitar and keyboards on another. Tonight we kick back and listen to The Gutter Twins.

Leaving for Fredonia New York in 12 hours to start recording the next record. So excited.

These kind of “tweets” are great because they let casual followers know what’s going on with Thursday without getting hit over the head. I haven’t even heard one guitar lick yet from this band, but still I want to know what they’re doing!

So run, don’t walk, and sign up for a Twitter account. And when you tweet your posts, give your fans what they want. YOU!

2 Responses to “How Can Musicians Benefit From Twitter?”

  1. Natalie Says:

    So true, and you didnt mention that its also so much easier to handle as a musician when you are on the move instead of sitting down and writing a long blog.

  2. Carla Says:

    That’s a great point, Natalie. Twitter is an easy way to let everyone in your world know what and where you’re up to.

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