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Thirty Day Challenge

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Thirty Day Challenge, what’s that, you ask? Well, if you’ve been on Twitter, you may have heard about an internet marketing event going on called The Thirty Day Challenge (or #30dc) in which people learn how to make money online. Most specifically, they learn how to make their first dollar. And these lessons are offered for FREE!

As a musician, you may be wondering what does that have to do with you. Well, it means plenty! Musicians want to sell their music, and using internet marketing tools is an awesome way to generate sales and music publicity for your music.

My publicist, Ariel Hyatt at Ariel Publicity, specializes in Cyber PR, another term for online music publicity, and she recently asked me to speak at her Cyber PR Bootcamp to share my online marketing tips with her musician Bootcampers. While preparing for this talk, I realized that the methods I used to get online music publicity was directly influenced by internet marketers,  to the point that I even titled my talk “Everything I Needed to Know About Music Publicity I Learned from Internet Marketers”. Why? Because these methods are universal and can be used in any industry – even musicians!

So fast forward to the summer of 2008, and I start hearing about this free “Thirty Day Challenge” which is offered by an Australian guy named Ed Dale and his team, and I am instantly hooked. Ed’s goal is simply to teach others the various tools that are available to make money online. Each day for 30 days, Ed Dale and his team teach new online marketing tools that can be used by anyone, and I highly recommend this free online course for any musician serious about selling their music online. By the way, Ed is also a musician and passionate vintage electric guitar collector, and I can tell that he has a special place in his heart for musicians who take his course. Check out Ed’s intro video below:

Day 01 Thirty Day Challenge Introduction Video

My intention is to share the Thirty Day Challenge with musicians so they can take control of their own musical destiny. You can start at any time. Are you up to the challenge? Sign up today for the Thirty Day Challenge and learn how to sell your music while you sleep.

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