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Internet for Artists – Kumbaya Wrap-up

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A college professor once went to see a Zen master to learn more about Zen. When the professor met her, he told the Zen master everything he knew about Zen — all the scriptures he had read, all the knowledge he had, all the facts and figures he knew. He said that he would like her to tell him all of her knowledge so that he could know everything there is to know about Zen. The Zen master responded by asking the professor if he would like some tea. The professor said that he would.

The Zen master filled the professor’s cup with tea, and then continued to pour, making the tea overflow onto the table. The professor, watching the Zen master continue to pour tea even though his cup was full, yelled, “Stop! The cup is full. There is no room for more. Why do you keep pouring?”

To which the master responded, “Like this cup, your mind is full. How can I teach you about Zen unless you first empty your cup, empty your mind?”

This weekend’s “Internet for Artists” workshop was a breakthrough of sorts for me. The rooms were filled with energy and creativity, and a sense of sharing. After spending a weekend with these artists, I can’t help but admire their dedication to their art. There is a discipline represented, that musicians don’t always have, which I can’t help but respect.

Being in a group of artists this weekend reminded me that it is still February Album Writing Month, whose month-long songwriting bootcamp is still in session. Tomorrow night is the 3rd year anniversary of the Brooklyn Songwriter Circle, and now that my 4-month entrepreneurial class with WIBO is done, I can return to this vibrant music community on Mondays. It’s time to set up this week’s songwriting session with my writing partner. And complete a personalized song commissioned for a pair of soulmates celebrating seven years together.

Gotta go! I have music to make.

For more information about the Internet for Artists workshop, visit

*Meaning of Kumbaya, thanks to Wikipedia

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