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Internet for Artists – Day 2

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dread scott and mathew delegat

Day 2 of the Internet for Artists workshop was pretty intense! Today we covered a lot of info. I’m familiar with most of the material, but my brain is still processing it all! We focused on setting and clarifying our internet goals. As much as I help others, it’s kinda nice to be on the receiving end of advice for my websites.

Here are some highlights from my notes from Dread Scott’s breakout session:

* We show our work to avoid obscurity; Obscurity is a bigger problem for us than piracy!

* All knowledge we have comes from sharing.

* If it’s difficult, then you have something to learn!

* RTFM= Read the Fucking Manual (Has its own Wikipedia entry)

Musicians and artists can learn a lot from each other, and it’s been a great experience to stay open and receptive to learning something new. On the subway ride home, I learned about mixed media from artist Cecile Chong, and once again, I’m reminded of the plethora of talented artists who live in NYC!

So much more I could write, but I gotta go! When all of this is over, I will transcribe my scribbles, and add them to the workshop’s Wiki at

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