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Internet for Artists Workshop: Bringing Sexy Back!

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This is going to be a mixed bag blog post, and I don’t care. For one thing, I revisited my
blog again and thought, screw the life lessons, where is the ROCK STAR????

Once again, I get caught in the BUSINESS of music. I admit, it is very sexy to me. Especially
because I’m built for it. But I’m also built for MUSIC, which creates an unsexy tension.

This weekend I get to be an artist AND a student during Creative Capital’s Internet for
Artists Workshop this weekend. This evening, and full days Saturday and Sunday, I
will participate as an artist seeking to use the internet to build her career. As I’ve been
doing a lot of business stuff lately, I welcome the opportunity to wear my artist hat.

The Internet for Artists Workshop is sponsored by Creative Capital, a national nonprofit
organization that provides integrated financial and advisory support to artists pursuing
adventurous projects in all disciplines. Their pioneering approach combines funding,
counsel and career development services to enable a project’s success and foster
sustainable practices for their grantees.

One of the prep assignments I was given was to research another participant in the
workshop. We were told that we were not to try to contact them, just look ’em up
online, and give a presentation on what we found. I can only guess what she’ll say
about my business antics on this site, but I’m not feeling it right now. I’m gonna move
those WIBO posts to another blog too…

But I digress, the point is, the first part of the workshop is tonight, and I feel compelled
to update my blog (especially since I know folks will be studying it – Eek!)
However, the person I’m researching featured an inspirational video on their blog, that
I can’t help but share. Enjoy!

Krista Vernoff, Commit to Thrive

So while I can’t contact this person before we meet tonight, I can at least be viral about it! 😉

Make no doubt about it: I’m bringing SEXY back to this blog!

One Response to “Internet for Artists Workshop: Bringing Sexy Back!”

  1. The Deacon Says:

    Hey Carla,
    YES! I am looking forward to the sexy!

    Rock Hard! Rock Sexy!
    The Deacon

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