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Happy New Year 2011!!

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Don’t you love the clean slate feeling of a New Year??

After spending relaxed holidays with my family in Atlanta, I’m fired up with new vim and vigor. To keep that feeling going, I’m psyched to share a New Year’s blog post from Ariel Hyatt, music publicist extraordinaire, and co-author of our upcoming book: The Musician’s Roadmap to Facebook and Twitter: Your Complete Guide to Being Liked, Followed, and Heard

You’ll be hearing lots more about our new book in the next couple of months, but Ariel’s article should tide you over!

7 Things I Hope For The New Music Industry In 2011
by Ariel Hyatt

The Cliff Notes’ Version:

1. More Support For Each Other
2. More Artists Making a Living
3. More Rocking the Social Media Strategies
4. More Consistency
5. More Fan Funding
6. More Young Entrepreneurs
7. More Reality Checks

Ariel’s blog post is much longer, and includes tips on achieving the above, but you gotta read it! 7 Things I Hope For The New Music Industry In 2011

Ariel Publicity Website

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