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WIBO Week 12 ~ Financing Your Business Growth: Cash Flow & Credit

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So this week’s lesson was pretty intense! On one hand, we learned about using credit in our business: for ourselves, as well as with our customers.

On the other hand, we had to create a CASH FLOW PROJECTION for our business. This took me a while to complete, but it was beneficial as it forced me to plan for the next year. Not only did I have to come up with projected figures for my earnings, but I also had to project next year’s plans for my business.

It was incredibly helpful for me to write down what I needed to earn, as well as how I needed to plan my time. Projects that I assumed I’d start immediately had to be pushed back because of other projects that would be due.

It seems to always come down to time for me. And after all, time IS money. I realize how much stuff I’ve piled on my own plate, which makes it tougher to complete things on time. While I often juggle multiple tasks, I also understand what I lose in terms of quality of life. By creating a better plan ahead of time, I can make money, and still be able to stop to smell the roses. What a concept!

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