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Ingredients for Musical Success: Identification

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This component deals with how your audience perceives you. Hopefully, you’ve been thinking about the kind of audience who will buy your music. Are they young teenage girls? College aged guys into hip-hop? To aim for mass awareness is a waste of whatever resources you have. You’re better off targeting a specific niche of people, through the newspaper articles, web sites, etc. that they read often.

Identification comes into the picture when your audience decides, usually pretty quickly, if they feel the way you do. If Whitney Houston sings a love song about loving someone always, there are many people who identify with her. Not only do they know what it’s like to feel that way about someone, they also believe that she has as well. Fans identify with the artists whose image that they believe. When you decide on your image, choose one that feels authentic, not artificial. This is a great way to attract loyal fans.

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