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Halloween 2010, Washington Heights, NYC

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Happy Halloween, Everybody!

The other day I took a peek at my recent blog posts, and found them a bit boring. While I love my WIBO entrepreneurial course, as well as the Music Success in Nine Weeks course that I’m co-teaching with Ariel Hyatt (we’re writing a book and going to LA together this week!), my blog posts were missing something, so today I’m switchin’ it up!

This is my second Halloween in my neighborhood of Washington Heights. The thing that struck me the most last year was how family-oriented my new neighborhood is. Moms and Dads are out in full effect to go trick or treating with their kids. The local stores, delis, and bodegas had candy ready, and I just had to capture this on video. Enjoy!

The song, “What Are You Going to Be for Halloween” is by Matthew Gray Gubler (also known as Criminal Minds’ character, Dr. Spencer Reid). To purchase, click “What Are You Going to Be for Halloween” by Matthew Gray Gubler on iTunes

2 Responses to “Halloween 2010, Washington Heights, NYC”

  1. Jackie Says:

    This was really nice! Thank you for sharing. Nice neighborhood spirit.

  2. Carla Says:

    Thanks, Jackie – I really like how my neighbors get into the spirit of Halloween, and I had to share!

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