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Ingredients for Musical Success: The Right Teams

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Your “team” is the group of professionals whose job is to help you on your way to success. The members include an entertainment attorney, a business manager/accountant, and a manager. Your team may also include a publicist. Effective teams are made up of people you can trust, who fully believe in your talent.

A manager’s job is to keep your career on track, and you focused on your music. He or she should be organized, and it helps greatly if he/she is well-connected. Sometimes, a manager will come from your fan base, a person who wants to help you make it happen. Other times, an industry veteran will add you to the roster. There are pros and cons to each, but the most important requirements are that he/she is professional, and a fan of your music.

An accountant or business manager will keep your money and your taxes straight. An entertainment attorney will translate legal documents for you, and protect you from arrangements that are harmful to your career. It is important, however, that the attorney specializes in entertainment law. Music business documents have certain clauses that are particular to this industry, so other types of lawyers will not be effective in negotiations.

The best teams work like a well-oiled machine. With the artist or the manager at its center, everyone involved should be knowledgeable of what each member is doing. This way, the artist can be prepared for the opportunities arise.

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