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WIBO Week 3 – Identifying Your Target Market

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When I decided to take a closer look at the folks who like my music vs the musicians who like my music business info, I have to admit that this was an instinctual decision. I just had a feeling that I had (at least) two audiences. But now that I’ve started doing market research, it’s obvious that it’s two different groups of people.

For example, my research shows that most of the people who enjoy my music are female, while most of the musicians seeking music biz info are male. There are more differences, obviously, but even this information provides a strong indicator that I cannot market my CDs the same way that I market my musician eBooks. This is good stuff!!!

Later in the week, there was an Uptown Networking Night presented by Beverly Susan Carter in my neighborhood of Washington Heights. Beverly, a tax professional (and former WIBO teacher), hosted an event for creative entrepreneurs of all kinds. While I knew that Washington Heights and Inwood were filled with creative people, I started to see my community as a potential home base for my music biz activities. Can’t wait to see where my market research will lead!

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