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My Next NYC Gig: “Soul in the Round” at The Underground on Oct. 6th

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Carla Hall & Friends for LIFEBeat, NYC 1999

I am very excited about my next gig, “Soul in the Round”, which takes place on Oct 6th at The Underground in NYC.

Many of the gigs that I’ve booked this year were presented by Make It Happen Entertainment, which is co-managed by Danny Brookings. At the last gig at Village Underground, rocker Jerome Jordan performed an acoustic set after mine, during which he mentioned how some of our songs had similar themes, and that we should do a gig together.

The light bulb went off in my head that we should do an acoustic show together, and perform “in the round”, Nashville-style. If you’re not familiar with this kind of performance, it’s when 4-5 songwriters share the stage at one time, taking turns singing their songs. It’s an intimate setting where songs and stories are shared, and the audience is treated to a one-of-a-kind evening. While I’ve seen pop and country songwriters perform “in the round”, I’ve never seen indie soul artists do this.

So while Jerome was doing his thing onstage, I told Danny about my idea for “Soul in The Round”. Not only did Danny love the idea, he immediately set a plan in motion. So now Make It Happen Entertainment will present its first “Soul in the Round” show! I’ll be sharing the stage with Jerome Jordan, Kiersten Gray, Khalil Madyun, and Ramoth Gilead, who are some of the top soul-folk/neo-soul/soul-rock performers in NYC.

This lineup is so fierce that I’d want to see it even if I wasn’t on it!

Photo Source: Carla Hall & Friends, fundraiser “in the round” for LIFEBeat, the Music Industry Fights AIDS. Taken at The Bitter End, June 17, 1999. Folks in photo (l-r): Tina Shafer, KJ Denhert, Jen Chapin, John Caban, Carla Lynne Hall

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