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Indie music mainstay, is a website and newsletter that has supported the indie music community for years. They were recently hit by a flood, and are accepting donations.

According to their special issue on June 11th:

“’s regularly scheduled newsletter will delayed for an indefinite period of time, as will updates on the website. We apologize for the inconvenience. On Saturday, June 8th, Indie-Music’s offices and the home of founders Suzanne Glass and Paul Bultman in Indiana were destroyed by flood waters. We are currently without anywhere to live or work until matters can be resolved. Thankfully, everyone is safe. But operations at are suspended until the immediate emergency situation has passed. We greatly appreciate donations already sent by friends and family. If anyone else wishes to contribute, you may send to our Paypal account at billing[AT] indie-music[DOT]com.

Thank you,
Suzanne & Paul
Indie-Music Founders

If you can help, please do!

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