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Music Marketing Tips from Chris Standring

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Chris Standring
Chris Standring

One of my favorite indie music eBooks is Ultimate Website Promotion by Chris Standring, and I found a recent article of his that talks the importance of getting a fan’s email address. Having tons of MySpace friends is great, but ultimately, you want your fans to give you their email address. When they do this, these fans prove to be a little more invested than your friends on MySpace.

Says Chris: “I came to the conclusion some time ago that if an independent label is to exist, it cannot be the victim of the traditional marketing machine. That is to say, if retail programs and advertising programs prioritize major labels, that shouldn’t be a reason for an independent label NOT to exist. The secret is in niche marketing. Now having said that, you get out what you put in, but profits can be realized if you invest money wisely. But more importantly, building a community to market to for future releases is THE thing to take seriously and put into momentum right now.”

Read the rest of Chris’ article, “Give Your Fans What They Want – Free!” here.

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    Never really looked at it like that before. Thanks!

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