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Soul Man, Indie Writer, Ben Lazar: Available & Looking for Gigs

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Ben Lazar
Ben Lazar

I just read a great blog post from DJ, music writer, and music lover, Ben Lazar at his Deeper Shade of Soul blog:

“If there are two things I’ve always had a difficult time with, it’s self-promotion and asking for help. In the context of asking other people for assistance, I’ve always tried to do things on my own, without anyone’s help – which of course, is totally absurd. Given that I am now working for myself and am committed to creating a successful business, I’m giving that up.”

Let me tell you now how much I love his blog post. He’s telling the world: I have gifts to offer. Step right up!

How often do we play small and hide our light under a bushel?? Folks, we’ll never make it in this world by hiding our gifts, and I admire Ben’s willingness to play a bigger game.

Be inspired by another person’s quest, and be all that YOU can be. The future is yours for the taking, but you gotta put yourself out there.

Get ready. Be ready.

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