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30 Days to Greater Exposure

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So you think you’ve done all you can do to build a buzz? Try a couple of these ideas on for size, in no particular order:

1. Send letters introducing yourself to 10 people in the music industry
2. Hold an acoustic House Concert in your living room.
3. List your web sites in search engines
4. Improve your search engine placement using HTML meta tags
5. Plan a benefit performance
6. Be an opening act for a big act coming to your town
7. Get your CDs in local stores
8. Get your CD placed in a record store listening booth
9. Get your CDs in and
10. Call a local morning show DJ
11. Play an in-store at a Mom & Pop record store
12. Play at a local or college radio station
13. Hold a contest
14. Improve your songwriting
15. Develop a killer live show
16. Go to a local music business event
17. Create a local music business event
18. Keep flyers and business cards with you at all times
19. Perform at a hospital
20. Get a famous person to review your CD
21. Create a media list of all your local music writers
22. Send new reviews to your media list regularly
23. Invite college journalists to your show
24. Apply for or a give a local music award
25. Perform at least once a month
26. Always have an upcoming gig to promote
27. Meet other local bands in your genre
28. Go to their shows
29. Send a regular e-zine to your mail list
30. Pull an old-fashioned publicity stunt

Try a few of these – I dare you!

Excerpted from The DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Guide to the Music Biz by Carla Lynne Hall. Available at

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