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Say Hello to Symphony

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Say Hello to Symphony from NYC

One of my bestest friends in the whole world, Rich, is a sound engineer who has awesome friend karma. In other words, he introduces me to cool people all the time, mostly musicians, although not necessarily. Rich is the kind of guy who has a New Year’s Eve party and invites people via Craigslist – and somehow selects people you’d actually want to spend your New Year’s Eve with. A music lover, Rich often uses his Tribeca apartment as a music performance space. During one of his recent “house concerts”, he showcased an awesome band named Say Hello to Symphony.

As always, I highly suggest that you listen to their music before taking my word for their sound, but I adore their intelligent quirky pop meets Radiohead meets Jeff Buckley sound. They have a happy sound that I love, play with time signatures, and they’re just delightful.

Check out their MySpace page here and say hello to Say Hello to Symphony!

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